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ilich@sabotage.tv is the CEO of the Diego de la Vega co-operative media conglomerate. He is a militant who works for the Variable Network State as a Sysop. His given name is unknown. Even the Internet doesn't know his real name or what he looks like. He is a ninja master, a saboteur, and an expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact ideologies, explosives and detonators. He always places his charges in the proper location for maximum damage. His fees are paid into a numbered British Virgin Islands bank account, and are always paid in advance. He makes no guarantees, and gives no refunds.

Sabotage has been a legendary technique running since the advent of the industrial revolution. Always poetic and overall uneffective on the long run, but good enough to spark unexpected forced conversations with the administrators running the machine.

Join the struggle. Visit him at Casa Dandelion in Second life. To receive further instructions write to: ilich@sabotage.tv.